Family Positions on Politics (cont. 1)

The Republicans sure know how to make things difficult for voters.  Coming into the week, I would’ve said they needed a miracle to be competitive.  Coming out of the week, McCain can say more of the right things and he can let Palin say the wrong things.  I must say that I tend to be in general agreement with McCain’s economic and foreign affairs policies – to the extent that I understand them (and that’s almost certainly inadequate).  I like the idea of strengthening the existing health insurance system.  I suspect I depart in a fairly big way when I add that we should make it mandatory for everyone to be covered at some basic level at a minimum.  I can see using something like school choice vouchers for this, and then we should add an FDIC/Pension Guarantee kind of function in to back up the system.   Do I have too much confidence in Market-based systems.  Would this mish-mash qualify as a Market-based system…

I believe the free market has been good for our country, but I also agree that individuals can amass more wealth than can be justified given what else goes on in the other 95 % (or pick your own %) of the population.  It is admirable that so much of those resources go back to the rest of “us” in the form of giving, but it seems as though a lot less giving would be needed if the system weren’t balanced so far in the favor of amassed as opposed to distributed wealth.  Of course, then you get into discussions about whether or not overall our country would have prospered so much had it not been the way it was/is – you know the type of impossible discussion…

So where does that leave me other than continuing to be “undecided”?


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