Another Step into the Unknown…

Julie and I have taken many steps into the unknown together.  The one that comes to both of our minds pretty much immediately when the topic comes up is our relocation from Iowa to Texas soon after we got married.  We risked a fair amount in this move, and our lives were profoundly affected.  We don’t know what our lives would have been like if we hadn’t taken that particular step, but the past 30 or so years pursuing the path we chose brought us so many wonderful things we’re not particularly inclined to consider the alternatives.

My company recently presented me with the paperwork for a retirement incentive offer.  If that’s not the potential for one serious step into the unknown, I don’t know what is.  I don’t know if it qualifies as more or less significant than our move.  We had things to lose then, we have things to lose now.  We had to have an income then, we have to have an income now.  We had a pretty limited set of tools to work with then.  Although it may or may not be enough, the good news is that we have a pretty significant repertoire of tools now.

We’ve got a very big decision to make.  I believe I’ve pretty much made it, and I think Julie is on board.  We’re hoping that “our” next 30 year career will be pursuing business opportunities through Watts Lab, Inc. in cooperation with any family members that would like to contribute.  Joel has been laying ground work for a while, and unless we get a case of “buyer’s remorse” I suspect that’s what will be happening.