What is Behind All the Hillary Hatred?

I’ve been trying to figure out what is behind the Hillary hatred phenomenon. I haven’t had many discussions with people who seem to fit the bill as yet. I did post the following comment on Facebook yesterday:

“I sure wish I could understand the perspective that leads to this phenomenon.”

attached to a share of this BBC article entitled “The dark depths of hatred for Hillary Clinton”.

I did receive a reasonably thoughtful (as in not abusive and not an incoherent rant) response for a former co-worker who isn’t fond of Mrs. Clinton. I won’t identify him unless he finds this and asks me to. He had the following to say:

“Bill and Hilary are both products of the Hippy counter culture generation. It appears to me that they both embraced the culture. The generic attitude is that they can do or say whatever they want to get their way but they will attack and discredit anyone who disagrees with them. I have yet to hear Hilary say one real thing in this election that tells me what SHE is going to do to improve America other than circumvent the constitution if she can She appears to have a disdain for the constitution that she would be taking an oath to support.. From what I see she will trample the constitution as she needs to be do what SHE wants to do. I do not want someone in the White House that thinks they are above the law and can make it up as they go along. This is why I do not want her in the White House. I am not saying that I think that Trump is much better. She is in the history books as having been kicked off of committees for unethical behavior.”

I did have another person comment on another post regarding Trump’s pre-debate stunt with the accusers of Bill Clinton. I tried asking this person what she thinks is behind this hatred, but she had said at the end of her comment “rant over” and I’ve received no response. I guess the rant – which was quite reasonable as well – was indeed over. So far at least.

I responded to the above response to the hatred answer from my former co-worker with the following:

“…many thanks for taking the time to respond. Instead of responding point-by-point or anything like that, I’d like to offer you my theory. I think it might touch on your response, but you’d have the be the judge of that. There have been massive changes in our country centered around cultural norms (mores). These changes have been driven largely by the entertainment industry and forces commonly associated with the progressive movement. These changes have been VERY fundamental in nature and centered around tolerance for different views of sexuality and the treatment of women, minorities and religion in our country. These changes fly in the face of traditional Christian views at a minimum, and I’m sure there are other reasons for resistance (unemployment, automation, globalization, job loss and other upheavals). Given that the Clintons have been around for 35 years or so, it is not terribly surprising that these new values might be superimposed over them and be the cause of much hatred and resentment.

Personally, I don’t have much use for religious gatherings, but I DO practice what Jesus taught to the best of my ability. I am in FULL support of these new changes for our culture in terms of tolerance. As a former manager who has had experience with change management, I certainly wouldn’t have managed these changes such that they came at all of us so quickly. BUT, I understand how as we made progress (or whatever you would like to call it), and as other people in our country saw their lifestyles oppressed while other people were fighting and winning tolerance for their lifestyles, that we ended up with a snowball of changes. I believe Jesus would have told us to be tolerant. I do not understand how anyone reading the NEW TESTAMENT could come to any other conclusion. In fact, how could we possibly expect to have a country of immigrants without tolerance? The key to me is to define the laws of our country so that no person or group can put their beliefs into practice if it hurts another person or group. This is tough, but I happen to believe that’s what our founders intended. They likely wouldn’t have imagined the kinds of changes we are undergoing, but tolerance and opportunity were (I think) the prime reasons we came to this continent in the first place.

Hillary Clinton, and before her Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, are seemingly the face of this tolerance movement. I think this is the likely catalyst for the phenomenon. There is obviously more, but I can’t quite figure out how that “more” could result in such hatred.

I have some discomfort with the Clintons in the White House again with reference to Mr. Clinton’s philandering. I think his behavior was atrocious, but I don’t see how exactly I could put myself in the position of judging Mrs. Clinton for her response to his actions. In the case of alleged sexual assault, I AM very sensitive to the fact that our culture has historically made it very difficult for sexual assault victims (see cultural changes above). However, in any case it should not be up to the spouse of an alleged perpetrator of ADULT sexual assault (certainly not if the spouse doesn’t believe the allegations) to ‘prosecute’ the perpetrator – plain and simple. I think the Clintons – and particularly Mr. Clinton – have done much to atone for his philandering through philanthropy. It is SHOCKING to me that anyone can see their efforts as anything but a good thing – except as a political issue, which is the SHOCKING part. No – I don’t want an active, unrepentant philanderer in the White House. I don’t have AS MUCH of a problem with a repentant philanderer, which is how I view Mr. Clinton. I have no reason to believe that he is anything other than that.

I’m sorry, but I also can’t find any credible evidence that Mrs. Clinton was kicked off of any committees for unethical behavior.

Thanks again. I really am interested in trying to understand what is causing Mrs. Clinton to be viewed as the devil.”

No response as yet.

I am deadly serious about what I said in my response. I’m watching the news as I write (yes, MSNBC), and they are reporting on new allegations by women who say they were motivated by Mr. Trump’s denials during the second debate. It is being reported that Trump is going to go “nuclear” on Bill Clinton in response to these new,  false and heinous (paraphrase) allegations against Mr. Trump.

Anyone else care to try to explain the Hillary hatred phenomenon to me?

By the way, please get yourself registered and vote!



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